[Dawn of Gods roadmap] What’s coming up next month?

Dear players,

January is ending, February is coming, now let’s preview our plan for the next 4 weeks. First, let’s take a look at the overview

Overview of our upcoming February


  • Welcome the first hero to reach level 51
  • New heroes/ New monsters
  • 0% tax claim anytime to re-invest
  • Staking pool
  • Events in February
  • Leaderboard prize now in action
  • Chests & equipments

Congratulation to the first hero to reach level 51

In the next 2 days, we will likely welcome the first hero to reach level 50. He is [SR]Lincoln. At level 50, the hero has earned approximately 360$ in just about 2 weeks. So about 160$ profit in 15 days. That’s absolutely amazing!

The highest level hero in the server is level 48 (29/1/2022)

To be able to earn more from level 50, the hero needs to be unlocked by paying 100$. Then he will be able to continue earning until level 70 and expect to earn 390$ more until the next unlock milestone.

UI of unlocking hero

This unlock mechanism is one of the best parts in Dawn Of Gods to create a sustainable economy. It requires players to reinvest in the game to be able to earn more.

New heroes & monsters

We would like to introduce 2 new heroes and 2 new monsters to the game

Hung King, Mulan, Ox-Head, Horse Face will appear in the game soon

To welcome new heroes as well as monsters, there will be events in the game to encourage lucky players who recruit these heroes. The detail of the event will be announced next week

Game events

There will be more awesome events coming up in February. Lunar New Year is coming and let’s celebrate this together. Here are some events that we plan

  • Lunar New Year lucky envelope
  • Lunar New Year special discount
  • New Hero Recruitment cashback

Stay tuned, a series of events will be coming really soon! Happy earning!

0% tax claim anytime to re-invest in the game

We always listen to our player feedback. Many players complain that the 30% tax in 15 days is too long for them, especially for those who want to use that money to reinvest the game.

In order to fix that problem and to encourage players to reinvest, we decided to create a new mechanism so that players can claim rewards anytime with 0% if and only if they commit that claimed reward will be used to recruit heroes or unlock heroes. We call it re-invest claiming. Re-invest claiming will be always 0% tax at any time.

The details of the feature re-invest claiming will be announced soon with detailed guidelines will be added to our whitepaper at the beginning of February

Staking Pool

In order to create more token usability and improve the DAGO life-cycle, we will release two Staking Pool in the next month

There will be two pools, a long-term pool and a short-term pool, each will have different APYs (Annual Percentage Yield) but should be interesting enough for DAGO holders to stake into the pool.

The detail about this will be announced in the middle of February

Leaderboard Prize now in action

Current in-game leaderboard

You might have already noticed that there is a leaderboard to store the top players on the server. We’re proud to announce that the Leaderboard will become active in February 2022.

Top players in the Leaderboard will share the total reward of a few thousand dollars, the reward and leaderboard will be reset every month.

The official announcement and prize pool will be announced next week

In-game shop and Hero Equipment

New feature: In-game shop

This feature enables players to purchase items in the in-game shop and equip them to their heroes. The items have different effects on the hero, for example:

  • Increase win rate
  • Increase the chance of not losing energy after fighting
  • Increase XP when winning the battle
New feature: Hero items

The Chest & Hero Equipment is expected to release at the end of February!



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